Thursday, May 5, 2011

Son's of Anarchy

Here's a reasonably quick sketch, I think I did
this over a few "lunch times" at my old job.
I still would like to do a biker game.
probably one steeped in the origins of the
outlaw biker gang movement. You know ex
vietnam vets in the 60's, all
disenfranchised and having witnessed
horrendous things and probably having
done equally horrendous things decide
to live their life in a completely different
way. Chaotic, Violent, Sad, Despotic,
Action packed, Adrenalin soaked, sexually
Amoral and just downright loco.... hmmn....
interesting I might draw some more on this
topic.. it intrigues me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spyro concept art

Here are some character designs from Spyro "a new beginning"
very happy with these lots of fun to draw.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Legnd of the Guardian's the Hagsfiend Queen!

A character completely created by me, I drew upon the books and
crafted a character that is horrible and beautiful (well to me anyway)
she is a skilled warrior using throwing blades by the clawful. She
also generates evil looking clouds of mist which she can hide in and
attack from. The blue rock in her chest is a gigantic shard of fleck
this she once wore as a necklace, over time it has recombined with
her flesh and has become a cold blue replacement for her evil heart!


Legend of the guardians Art.

Here's some of my Artwork for Legend of the guardian's
owls of Gahoole. Originally inspired by a shot from
a very early trailer, this piece helped to define what
owl combat might look like. Hope you like it.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

BabY Time

Hi everyone,

long time between posts, I knew when I started this blog
that it was going to be tough to keep posting, not cause I'm not creating
art, more that it's just hard to pick a picture(I'm choosey)...
Oh and Emily and I had a bubby his name is Alexander he's 6 weeks
now and going strong!

Monday, June 7, 2010

HeMan Half Hour sketch

He Man Rawks, quick sketch as I've already mentioned.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicken or Sausage!?

Chicken or Sausage!?

Now I'm a married guy, and I like women it's true, though
I hide this under a veil of disinterest as like I said
I'm married. Truth be told I take the opportune moment
to steal a peak at "other" women but like I tell my wife
it's purely for reference for my art. Now I had a look at
my art collection(Art I've created not purchased) and lo
and behold it's a sausage fest. Guys, monsters, muscular
alpha male types brandishing axes' sword's blah blah,
women in my folio roughly 2. So what's my point?
If I ever want to look at reference again, I had better
bash out some chick pic's!actually, females do pose quite
a few conundrums for comic book rehab artists like myself.
How do we make them look like not just another cliche?
you know large breasts and just wearing a bikini to a world
war you know the annoying predictable stuff. Actually when
I figure that out I will post, but for now here's a cliche.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Game's industry is in a bit a of dark place at the moment.
for many reasons, and I will want to discuss that but not right
now... I'm up its 7:47 and i just want to post something quickly
and get to work. OK this image is a little window in to my
process, some may be a little erked by me giving away the Trade
secrets but alay yee fears, I will only give them a quick peek
through the looking glass!I'm working on another home project,
I don't want to say too much yet anyway on to the image already!
here is a work up of this image from grey scale to final.
I flipped and flopped it around alot trying to decide which way
to face certain elements. I think I got it right.
this image has a nice energy. well I like it, do you?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Viking's, Friend or Foe?

I want to know why Vikings are so cool? I think for me
it was probably they are just hardcore-tough guy's
with real attitude's you know what I mean, they would
jump in a boat, when the snows melted or whatever, Row
into the night without a map... well without SatNav
anyway and roll up outside a harbour and just roll in
and well take whatever they please. It's not so much
the taking or the raping, it's just the sheer bravery
or stupidity... Why did they resort to such drastic
action? who was the first viking to decide that
pillaging is waaay easier than say farming and trade?
maybe they had nothing that anyone wanted to buy...
anyone know? tell me... oh and here's an image of
what a Viking's house definitely didn't look like